The Pendulum settles in a spacious new office, for now

By Stuart Jones

Moving into a brand new space The Pendulum newspaper staff now have plenty of space to work with to generate creativity and efficiency.

After moving its office three times in the last three semesters, The Pendulum office has finally come to a resting place in the new structure on the corner of Williamson Avenue and East College Avenue, for now.

Residing on the third floor, the spacious new Pendulum office provides 800 square feet more than their original office in the bank.

“The best part about the new office is that it’s open and creates an atmosphere to work together,” says Colin Donohue, four-year adviser to The Pendulum. The arrangement of the space is entirely up to the discretion of the newspaper’s staff allowing them to generate the most creative and efficient space possible. “Having all this space allows us to not only have a larger staff but be more comfortable in our environment,” says junior Madelyn Smith, a copy editor for The Pendulum.

However the new space was not readily available when The Pendulum staff was notified of the move. “The students and I were a little frustrated because we felt like the communication from the administration wasn’t there. That it was just kind of sprung on everyone. That ‘Oh, by the way we’re taking your building and you gotta move out,’” says Donohue.

Scrambling, the staff began to go through options of alternate locations they could establish the new Pendulum office. Donohue asked his staff, “How can we leverage this situation and make it a positive for the future?”

The Pendulum’s current location was not a part of the original plan for the new building or the newspaper’s move, but when the option was presented it was deemed to be the best idea for The Pendulum. Since the bank that housed the original Pendulum office had to be torn down to make way for the new office, the newspaper had to find a temporary home. The Pendulum made their first move to a modified classroom on the bottom floor of McEwen, the building for the School of Communications in January of 2011.

“The basement of McEwen was pretty rough with no bells and whistles, not even windows,” says Smith. “It was really cramped down there but we got it done and I don’t think that our product suffered because of it,” says senior Anna Johnson, editor in chief of The Pendulum, as she reflects on the semester spent in their temporary office.

Looking at the current state of The Pendulum, Johnson says, “Moral is really up and thank goodness we are finally in this new space. The staff is excited and motivated especially after a great first real issue.”

After a change of three locations, The Pendulum still has not been promised that their most recent location will be their final home. “Provost House definitely said this wouldn’t be our permanent home. He would never tell us when we have a permanent home because we’re always being shuffled around. But we like it. We hope we’ll be here for a long time,” says Johnson.

Colin Donohue, adviser of The Pendulum speaks on the newspaper staff’s reaction to the office’s move and how they coped with the change of work space.


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