Second City at Elon University provides a sold out show

Blue Company of Second City out of Chicago provides comedic satire and improvisation at Elon University Tuesday and Wednesday night.

The auditorium was flooded with the laughter of students, faculty and local residents at Second City’s performances both Tuesday and Wednesday in Elon University’s McCrary Theater. Second City, an improvisational comedy group based out of Chicago, stopped through Elon with two different shows The FAFSA and the Furious (Tuesday) and the LOL Tour (Wednesday).

“People said Second City was coming and we know that Second City is a training ground for SNL, which we love and I’ve seen before, and it’s a great show,” says Molly Rosenthal a freshman at Elon. “We also hear we get in for free just for being a student so we came.”

Blue Company or sometimes called “Blue Co,” “The Mighty Mighty Blue” or “The Best Co” of Second City according to Lindsay Hailey, a three-year member of Second City, is the group that came and performed at Elon on Tuesday and Wednesday night. Each company consists of five actors, a stage manager and a musical director. “Alumni of Blue Co includes Tina Fey, Stephen Colbert, John Belushi, Bill Murray, Steve Carell, Chris Farley and Scott Adsit. A lot of famous people,” says Chris Witaske a three-year member of Second City.

All coming from different experiences and backgrounds, the members of Blue Company have come to work close together and know each other very well. So well that Witaske was able to tell the story of how both Hailey and Tim Stoltenberg of three years at Second City, came to be where they are now. “(Stoltenberg) has been in our group for the longest out of anyone and has the hair that looks most like a grandma’s hair,” says Witaske. To which Stoltenberg leaned over and replied, “This is true, everything is true. That is very impressive.”

The long-standing bonds between the members of Blue Company came out in every sketch causing sophomore Sentrell Allen to come back for the second night of the show. “It’s way better. I’m enjoying myself more than I did last night,” says Allen.

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“I wish I would have come last night too,” says Rosenthal. “And it was completely sold out (tonight) but we waited an hour before to get tickets, so that’s awesome.”

Blue Company will be going next on their tour to South Carolina and in two weeks will be coming back through the Asheville area. Check out their website for tour dates and ticket information


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