Elon community stands in favor of construction on Williamson Avenue

By Stuart Jones

Most people who were polled on Wednesday around Elon were in favor of the construction that is happening on Williamson Avenue. The Senior Village and the Elon Town Center are the two construction zones in downtown Elon currently and the community is looking forward to the final products despite the wait.

“In the end it will be worth it but we’ll have to wait through this construction,” says Luke De Visscher, a freshman at Elon.  In an informal poll of 118 members of the community, 80 percent said that they were in favor of the construction.

“The Senior Village is worth waiting for since I know that it will be done when I am senior,” says Julia Basiliere, a freshman at Elon. Many of the people polled saw that the construction is worth the wait because the end product is something that will grow the university.

“I miss the green and the trees over by the baseball field,” says Teresa LePors, coordinator of library public services and Burlington resident. “The Elon Town Center was definitely worth waiting for. Even though the senior housing construction is not attractive, I’m reserving my judgment for now because the Elon Town Center turned out better than I expected.”

The interest of what the people are looking for in the open space in the town center ranged across the board. However many people were looking forward to another eatery, a boutique or possibly a pharmacy.  A handful of individuals believe that the town center should be of benefit to the community, not just the university.


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