Working the assignment harder

Wild mushrooms grow in the shape of a semi-circle along Tarpley Street, near the First Reformed United Church of Christ in Burlington Wednesday. Photo Stuart Jones

By Stuart Jones

Sometimes you find that your job has a photo assignment that turns out not providing any sort of visual element. Literally requiring you to rack your brain on how to make an image out of nothing. I found out today at my internship with the Times-News that today would be the day where I would have to go shoot a very lame and non-visually appealing assignment. This ring of mushrooms that was enough of a news interest for someone to call it in has the potential to become a feature here at the Times-News. Will it get published? I’m not sure but they needed us to go shoot it and so we did. I worked it as best I could and made the most of what was there, but in the end there just was not much there at all. Oh and Scott was kind enough to document me shooting this ever so invigorating assignment.




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