Elon trusts mass media, most of the time

By Stuart Jones

A recent Gallup poll claimed that 55 percent of Americans said they do not trust mass media. These numbers are down two percent from the previous year setting an all time low.

“I don’t believe everything that the media says because I think that they put everything out of proportion,” says Eleonore Dunn, owner of Eleonore’s hair design. “I believe that they are trying to make everyone believe what the media believes and tell the people what they want to hear.”

47 percent of those polled said that the media are too liberal. 1017 adults were sampled, all living in the continental United States above the age of 18. One-third of the sample said the media are just about right, while 13 percent said they are too conservative. 60 percent perceived bias one way or another, not pointing to any one direction.

“I believe about fifty-fifty of what I read or hear,” says Curtis Smith, a kennel technician at the Elon Animal Hospital. Smith also believes that the government requires media to hold back some of their content due to its sensitive nature and in an attempt to keep the government’s image strong.

Though many are unsure how to handle the media and what to believe, others are taking these numbers in stride and realizing that it is the public’s job to chose what to believe.

“I think everyone should be skeptical of everything they read,” says Jon Kimble, a 1994 graduate from Elon currently living in Durham as an internet consultant. “In general I trust the media but some media is different than others. I’d say I believe 50 to 60 percent of what I read.”

See the full results and information of the Gallup Poll here http://www.gallup.com/poll/149624/Majority-Continue-Distrust-Media-Perceive-Bias.aspx.


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