Ever Elon Accomplishment Unveiled at Elon Rally

By Stuart Jones

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Friday night in Rhodes Stadium at Elon University President Leo Lambert announced that the school had passed its goal of $100 million dollars for the Ever Elon campaign. President Lambert announced it at the Elon Rally hosted for donors, alumni and students to hear the historic announcement, as this was the first time over $100 million had been raised. The rally was a visual spectacle complete with “light show” and fireworks. Dozens of balloons were positioned across the football field, illuminated for even more “awe” factor. The buildings surrounding the stadium were also lit up to lift the energy even more so for this historic announcement.

The evening finished with fireworks within the stadium and just beyond to celebrate the school’s achievement. President Lambert concluded, “And like the students that comprise this campus, we will continue to move on toward higher goals!”


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