Pandora’s Pies at Elon to open next week

By Stuart Jones

A look inside Pandora's Pies on the corner of Williamson and College Ave by Acorn. Photo by Stuart Jones.

Like pizza? But you want something other than delivery? But it’s late so places like Mellow Mushroom won’t be open and you don’t have a car?

Pandora’s Pies, opening next week on the corner of College Ave and Williamson, can solve all these problems according to the owner Peter.

This open atmosphere restaurant has a full bar and a very personalized feel to it that reminds the customer that they are in for an experience and a one of a kind pizza at Pandora’s Pies.

This restaurant will be serving unique creative pizza until 3 a.m. on some nights. So that late night hunger can finally be fulfilled for those who don’t have cars and didn’t make it to Octagon or Acorn in time.

According to head chef Linc, Pandora’s Pies will be using a lot of organic and locally grown ingredients to support the local economy and produce fresher better tasting pizzas. The list of possible toppings is extensive and unique to Pandora’s. “Peter wants us to try all kinds of types of pizza outside the traditional stuff. Might try an Indian pizza down the road,” Linc said.

But don’t worry, they still make the standard pepperoni.

Part of Peter’s attempt to tie in the community to this non-franchised restaurant, is that he will have a single wall dedicated to a local artist’s work each month. (If interested in having your work on display at Pandora’s Pies, head on over there and ask Peter about putting your work on display.)


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