Dance Works at Elon Photos

By Stuart Jones


This past weekend I had the opportunity to take photos at Elon University’s Dance Works. This is always my favorite show of the year to take pictures for because it is a student run organization with students choreographing and dancing in the pieces. And what makes this concert even more special is that it is open to all students interested in dancing, not just dance majors like all of the other dance concerts. Always very unique, interesting and exciting pieces! Take a look at some of the phenomenal dancing by Elon University students.

Having always shot these kinds of productions with a fast shutter speed to freeze the action, I decided to experiment and challenge myself with some different images. Using my tripod to assist me I slowed by shutter speed down to 1/3 instead of the normal minimum of 1/160. I love the way some of the movement blurred under the powerful stage lights. Whenever you get the chance to experiment and capture the same thing you’ve been shooting differently, do it!


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