Puppy photo shoot at Elon University

By Stuart Jones

Puppies and shoes define their owners.

Dogs can always make a day better, but PUPPIES?! They just improve the day by an infinite exponent! I had a friend pass me along to the owners of a Corgi and Pomeranian puppy who were looking for a professional photographer in Elon. Well timing worked out to capture photos of their puppies this weekend so that they could remember just how cute and puppy-like they are before they grow up.

Enter Butters (yes this corgi is named after a Southpark character, but he’s one smart pup).

Butters, the corgi dog model

And there’s Lily (Pomeranian who’s ready to strike a vogue pose at any time).

A great day with Butters and Lily and their owners Sarah and Delaney! I would love to do more photos of owners and their pets after this experience.

Dogs and roommates make BFFLs.


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