Photographer for NCSU Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony for Creative Visions

By Stuart Jones


Creative Visions of Raleigh has contracted me out as a photographer to capture their lighting and production set up at the North Carolina State University Inaugural Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony Friday. This is really exciting (as both a photographer and a Wolfpack fan!).

Creative Visions puts together incredible event production work. Their lighting, staging and set up inspire awe to those how are able to attend the events. Their work has taken them around the world. Even to Elon University where I first encountered them.

Elon put on a capital fundraising campaign and for the unveiling of the amount raised, they hired Creative Visions to put the event together (see those photos and that story here). I took photos at this event for my own enjoyment because it was beautiful and creative. Later that month I was contacted by Allin Foulkrod, the president of Creative Visions because he wanted to use my work to promote his company (my photos can be found on the front page, first slide

Gratefully enough Mr. Foulkrod contacted me again to photograph the Hall of Fame ceremony on Friday. Can’t wait to see what they produce this time!


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