Shaun & Caroline – Wedding

peterson_day3It’s always a blessing when great clients, their awesome families and perfect weather all come together for a wedding!
Caroline and Shaun were very fun to work with and more than anything relaxed. They knew at the end of the day they were going to have each other and that’s all they needed. An incredible perspective.
So we had some fun. During my first meeting with Caroline, I found out that she and her now husband were big gamers. And that he even works in video game development! We can work with this.
First, during her bridal portraits at UNC Chapel Hill’s Arboretum, we incorporated a white XBOX controller for her to hold, like a bouquet. It turned out awesome.
caroline_bridal-32Then I brought both a black and a white controller to Oak Island for the two to pose with together. They were some of my favorite photos of the weekend! (A big thank you to my roommate for letting me take both controllers for the whole weekend haha)Peterson_portraitspeterson_portraits2And here are some of my other favorite shots from the rest of the day.


The flower girl waits while Caroline has her hair done. The bride has a quiet moment with her father.


Caroline passes through the garden with her sister on the way to the sanctuary, my favorite shot of the day. My little photo assistant.


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