First Annual Triangle Pushcart Rally

I look back through the lens, level the skyline and get ready to take the first exposure.

“Racers coming!”

pushcart-2I turn around to see Toad and Luigi scream down the hill at Dorothea Dix and pass from sight.

Did I just see…wait, what just happened?! I was expecting to see a blue leader shell whiz past any second.

I had stumbled upon the first annual Triangle Pushcart Rally. And was ecstatic.

pushcart-6After talking with some of the event organizers I discovered that this event was the dream and creation of Brittain Peck’s and made possible through his partnership with Neighbor 2 Neighbor of Raleigh.


Brittain Peck announces the winners of the First Annual Pushcart Rally.

Five teams entered in this year’s event. The goal was to have companies, instead of individuals, enter as teams in order to build relationships between the businesses and Neighbor to Neighbor. This year’s teams were 3Birds Marketing, Capstrat, Neighbor 2 Neighbor, Republic Wireless and the Kirby Derby Champion, Andy Greishop, local pushcart champion with an automatic bid.

The championship race was tight! Sorry to say Toad didn’t win.


Layton Judd (left), of 3Birds Marketing, and Andy Greishop (right), champion of the Kirby Derby, fly down Umstead Drive of Dorthea Dix in the championship race.

3Birds Marketing, via driver Layton Judd, pulled out the win in the final race over the Kirby Derby champion.

Layton Judd brings the trophy to the rest of the team.

Layton Judd brings the trophy to the rest of the team.


Layton Judd and 3Birds Marketing celebrate their victory.

Having stumbled on this event unintentionally, I was only able to see the last three races, but it was a awesome surprise. I was very impressed by the size and organization of the event for it being the first year. Well done Brittain and I’m pumped to check it out next year! (See the rest of the photos here)




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