#BehindTheGallery at BREW, Part 2 (NYC)

Hello and welcome back to my short series on #behindthegallery! Today we are looking at the following two pictures:

wm_brook_splitThis spring I took my first trip to New York City. I had visited the state many times with family, but never the city itself. Between a voucher from Southwest and some persistent pestering of my long time friend Rebecca to come visit her, I made the trip.

Bringing my camera with me on a trip like this, I only wanted pictures I wanted to take. I didn’t feel drawn to get the “classic” photos of just one building like the Empire State Building, Statue of Liberty or other things I could just Google for a better picture than mine.

Instead I focused on atmosphere and story. Capturing the feel of NYC as a first time visitor. And at times, letting a photo pass by for the sake of enjoying the moment.

Here are a few of my favorite photos from our many wanderings:


Which included the Central Park Zoo!

w_nyc-5 w_nyc-4

"Hiiiiii Stuarrrrrtttttt"

“Hiiiiii Stuarrrrrtttttt!” Clearly I made some friends there. 

"Whassup gurrrllll?"

“Whassup gurrrllll?”


Rebecca, my long time friend and best tour guide in town!

I was blessed to be able to catch up with a large assorted group of friends on Saturday night, which led to a very late evening including karaoke (in small rooms with only your friends! How fun!) As fun as it was, it made squeezing in a walk across the Brooklyn before my flight, earlier than desired haha.

Hangover and all we made our way across the bridge to end up in Brooklyn. After a hot weekend it turned out to be a nice morning and not too crowded.

As we walked along I was loving the lines, contrast, symmetry and grit of the bridge. It was amazing to me to be on such an iconic piece of the city and to experience history just by walking across it.

There was a weird draped piece of cloth on both sides in the middle, so I had to find ways to shoot around it.

w_nyc-20What that meant was getting closer and wider while shooting up. These are my two favorite frames that came from that walk:


w_nyc-1Truth be told, I wish I was standing full on centered in both photos. It’s only a one step difference, but has driven me crazy while editing it!

And here’s my favorite shot from the other side of some guys dancing and performing. His vertical jump height was insane! (This was mid-flip)

w_nyc-12Love on somebody today!


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