Blessed and I Know It


(The following inspired by some great music by Andrew James. Feel free to listen and read.)

I’m incredibly blessed. I’ve got a family that loves and supports me. I have friends that love and check in on me, both near and far. I have a church home that truly feels like a home, a community I can invest in and has invested in me. I have a flexible schedule that allows me to take ten minutes and pour into the people I run into day to day. It allows me to travel and work remotely, to spend time with those I care about. I’ve been granted a clear vision of where God is leading me to next and been given the resources to make that happen.

And God loves me. As I am, right here in this moment, as I stand. That should be enough for me every single moment of every day, but I forget it. That truth gets lost in the fog of day to day “problems.” Finances, relationship problems, future job endeavors, health, drama, car problems, workplace issues. These are all real things. Very tangible and in your face. But they are secondary to the truth that you are loved more than you can imagine and there’s nothing you can do to change that. For good or for bad.

You are enough.

A handful of my friends and family that know me best asked me if I was doing ok or even a little depressed with some of the posts I’ve done recently. I’m truly grateful for their concern and I’m sure there were others of you who might have wondered the same thing, but didn’t have the space to ask me. Life’s been hard, no question about it. But I’m just choosing to feel it and want to share that with you.

It helps me process, but more importantly I want you to know that it’s ok to feel only “ok.”

It’s hard to help someone if you don’t know that they need help. We all need help. And that’s why we have each other. Don’t carry the burden alone my friends.

So for those friends that are worried about me and my mental state, I’m well. I’m taking one day at a time and staying in touch with my gratitude each morning. I’m pursuing connections to move to Denver in the next year to find a job with an international non-profit as a photographer/videographer telling the stories of those in need for the sake of making positive change in the world. And I am blessed out of my mind! Life is good and I’m grateful to have you with me on this journey.

If you’re feeling good today, share the love. If you’re in need of some support, ask for it.

Love you all. God does too.


PS- A little more of some music I’m digging right now:


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