You’re Not Fine.

You’re not fine. But you can be ok.

On a sunny Sunday afternoon last fall, I found myself sitting on a porch with my friend Robbie talking life. No direction to our conversation, just being real and honest as things came to mind.

Robbie said, “How’s it going with you, Stu?”

Me, “I’m ok today, man.”

And that’s how I was feeling that day: ok. What was the point in saying anything other than how I was actually feeling? I also wanted to be asked about the things that weren’t great.

From my response Robbie said, “You know what? I’m ok too.”

We proceeded to talk about how “fine” just shouldn’t be a part of our vocabulary. We talked about how valuable the honesty of our response to “How are you doing?” can be. When we genuinely respond with anything less than “good”, we make space and opportunity for the person who asked us to acknowledge that they may only feel “ok” too. There’s a pressure that’s taken off of them.

Vulnerability begets vulnerability.

Over the next half hour we took turns talking, listening and watching cars drive by. The depth and quality of our conversation was rich and refreshing. I shared some of the conversation with a friend of mine and she said, “My friends don’t talk about things like that. It doesn’t get that deep.”

Not everyone has inspiring, thought provoking conversations with friends?! That breaks my heart! No one should be without that.

So that’s why we came up with this series. To bring you inspiring honest moments from people in our lives to incite honesty and deeper conversations in your own life. To be reminded that we all have more in common than we realize: The Human Element.

Be real with one person today and discover how much you have in common with those around you.

You’re not fine. So tell us how you really feel.

Here’s Graham doing just that:

Special thank you to Devolve Moto for letting us use their killer space. Graham thank you for hanging out with us and letting us share your story.

Produced by: Stuart Jones
Interview by: Robbie Hand
Location: Devolve Moto, Raleigh


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