Bouquet Toss THROWDOWN, Back Story


Many of us have seen a bouquet toss and maybe a little jostling at a wedding before, but have you seen this kind of tenacity? It’s next level.

Here’s the story:

The two girls in the video are (in the freeze frame when the photo flash happens) Elizabeth Jones (left) and Stacy Laue (right).
They have been friends throughout their time in college at Elon University and since graduating have gone after bouquets with every ounce of their being. Both competitive in nature, they’ve only met on the same toss 5 times before, this was the 6th.
Coming in on this particular wedding of their good friend from Elon (to whom they were both bridesmaids), Laue had 7 catches and Jones had 8. The bride knew all too well what was about to happen that evening. At the sound of “Single Ladies,” Jones and Laue ran to change out of their mint bridesmaid dresses and into their “jerseys” for the toss, which is why you see Jones comes running in from the left of the screen.
When they are on the ground and a male figure in the vest comes in and hits his hand on the ground, ending the catch, that is the groom.
Why did I bring the camera? 1. I knew that this was indeed going to be a showdown, that included smack talk for MONTHS prior. 2. I knew that the very talented videographers (Good Earth Films) and photographers (Blest Studios) would have a couple weeks before they got the footage turned around, so I jumped on the opportunity as a guest/off duty photographer!
Until the next toss…