Bouquet Toss THROWDOWN, Back Story


Many of us have seen a bouquet toss and maybe a little jostling at a wedding before, but have you seen this kind of tenacity? It’s next level.

Here’s the story:

The two girls in the video are (in the freeze frame when the photo flash happens) Elizabeth Jones (left) and Stacy Laue (right).
They have been friends throughout their time in college at Elon University and since graduating have gone after bouquets with every ounce of their being. Both competitive in nature, they’ve only met on the same toss 5 times before, this was the 6th.
Coming in on this particular wedding of their good friend from Elon (to whom they were both bridesmaids), Laue had 7 catches and Jones had 8. The bride knew all too well what was about to happen that evening. At the sound of “Single Ladies,” Jones and Laue ran to change out of their mint bridesmaid dresses and into their “jerseys” for the toss, which is why you see Jones comes running in from the left of the screen.
When they are on the ground and a male figure in the vest comes in and hits his hand on the ground, ending the catch, that is the groom.
Why did I bring the camera? 1. I knew that this was indeed going to be a showdown, that included smack talk for MONTHS prior. 2. I knew that the very talented videographers (Good Earth Films) and photographers (Blest Studios) would have a couple weeks before they got the footage turned around, so I jumped on the opportunity as a guest/off duty photographer!
Until the next toss…

Discovery Channel. Viper. Photos.

The 2013 Dodge Viper photographed for John Hendricks by Auto Imaging in Cary, NC.

The 2013 Dodge Viper photographed for John Hendricks by Auto Imaging in Cary, NC.

Discovery Channel. Viper. Photos.

Makes sense that they go together, right?

Context: the Auto Imaging Team and myself were specially requested by John Hendricks, owner and creator of the Discovery Channel, to photograph his new 2013 Dodge Viper SRT. The Viper was bought from Hendrick (not related) Dodge of Cary, where the team and I work, for John Hendricks’ resort Gateway Canyons in Colorado. At this resort, clients can pick from their choice of high end cars for the day including the 2013 Viper, the Bentley Continental GTC or even the all electric Tesla Roadster (2 hour rental only!). See the full list of cars and costs here.

Hendricks somehow saw some of the photos from when we photographed a black and silver 2013 Viper a few weeks prior (seen below) and wanted us to do the same for the Viper he had just purchased. Needless to say we were excited to photograph it for him.

2013 Dodge Viper photographed by Auto Imaging in Cary, NC.

2013 Dodge Viper photographed by Auto Imaging in Cary, NC.

And here is the same shot produced for John Hendricks (below).

2013 Dodge Viper photographed for John Hendricks by Auto Imaging.

2013 Dodge Viper photographed for John Hendricks by Auto Imaging.

Chelsea, the Wheaten Terrier at Elon

Chelsea, a wheaten terrier, strikes a pose on Elon's campus.

Chelsea, a wheaten terrier, strikes a pose on Elon’s campus.

A quick preview of photographing Chelsea, a wheaten terrier at Elon last weekend with her owner. A beautiful Saturday with the picturesque backdrop of Elon University’s campus. Chelsea was quite the model! And yes, those are pearls!

Chelsea, the wheaten terrier on Elon's beautiful campus.

Chelsea, the wheaten terrier on Elon’s beautiful campus.

Synergy Conference for Afterschool Programs


Some motown entertainment by students from a local afterschool program!

A few quick photos from a professional development conference put on by the NC Center for Afterschool Programs on Monday and Tuesday. An awesome experience and inspiring to see people who work so hard for our youth! After hours too!


A study on Education 24/7 released by the NC CAP during the conference.


Tennis inside! The USTA demonstrated and spoke on how tennis can be a positive and affordable program.


Had a blast covering lots of different kinds of festivals across the state working with Eckel & Vaughan Marketing Group.



Photos were taken at BBQ championships, the NC Balloon Festival (Statesville), NC State Fair (Raleigh), Blueberry Festival (Burgaw), Mayberry Days (Mt. Airy), County Fair (Sanford) and Farmer’s Day Parade (Robins).

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Glen Campbell and Victoria Ghost perform at Booth despite heavy rain

By Stuart Jones

“Chance of thunderstorms” was a phrase that didn’t keep die-hard Glen Campbell fans from coming to Booth Amphitheater Saturday night. Heavy thunderstorms rolled in after the opening act, Victoria Ghost, finished playing their set. Victoria Ghost is comprised of Glen’s two children, Ashley and Shannon Campbell. This is their first tour under this name but they have a phenomenal sound. A cross between indie and folk with beautiful vocals.

The audience moved to the covered portion of Booth Ampitheater to wait out the rain. 

Well, these devoted fans waited OVER AN HOUR for the storm to pass. And sure enough, the stage was uncovered at 9:45 to let Glen Campbell and his band back on stage. As I hunched over my camera under my rain coat, covering both me and my long lens, the crowds filtered back to their seats in the light rain.

Glen was having a great time! He was so glad that these fans waited through the storms for him to come on stage. The smile never left his face.