Ronald’s a Business Man Too

The other week I had the opportunity to photograph my third event for McDonald’s of North Carolina. I’ve photographed Biscuit Bake Offs and an executive chef showing elementary school kids how to make a McWrap, but this time was a bit more corporate.


The goal was for the McDonald’s team to show community partners how they could support one another in a mutual relationship. So there were owners of local McDonald’s, executives from McDonald’s headquarters, the vice president of North Carolina McDonald’s and even representatives from the McDonald’s food suppliers. And they were all interacting and hoping to make a positive impression on representatives from the YMCA, the Boys and Girls Club and similar organizations.

Oh and Ronald McDonald was there too.


I’ve worked with the legend himself in both prior events and had seen him entertain a crowd from five years old to 55. Of course he could juggle, do magic and tell jokes but he also had an incredible knack to know when the camera was pointed in his direction.

Every time I took a picture of this clown, he would turn and look straight at the camera. And he was an impressive photobomber as well.

Mr. Ronald McDonald makes a surprise appearance in one of the group photos after the NC Biscuit Bake Off.

Mr. Ronald McDonald makes a surprise appearance in one of the group photos after the NC Biscuit Bake Off.

However, at this event I was able to see the true versatility and talent needed to be the one and only Ronald McDonald. He would join conversations with executives from either side and would eloquently add great points to what McDonald’s could offer these organizations. Sometimes questions would be asked directly to Ronald!


I was impressed. A business man who could juggle, count to five in eight languages and make you laugh at the drop of a hat, all while wearing clown shoes.

Well done Ronald, I look forward to the next time we work together and you end up in all of my pictures.


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